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The Clear Choice for Coral Gables

On Traffic

Coral Gables residents value calm and walkable streets because they help craft a small town feel that draws children and adults into the community to play, exercise, and socialize. Increasingly, residents across our neighborhoods feel the intrusion of commuters from outside our city -- guided by mobile apps into streets designed for residential traffic. Runners, as our neighbors call these commuters, run through stop signs, dodge through roundabouts, and in one case even slammed into a residence. Increasing traffic levels threaten the serenity of our streets and the safety of our pedestrians and pets.  I support proven, practical, and technological solutions designed to address increasing traffic using a comprehensive, systematic approach.

  1. Increase enforcement of 25 mile per hour speed limits by empowering more traffic control officers

  2. Increase traffic calming measures such as speed bumps, traffic circles, and better-designed intersections in residential areas

  3. Partner with Miami-Dade County to integrate new technologies, like adaptive traffic controls, to mitigate congestion on major roads
  4. Partner with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and the Miami-Dade Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) to ensure that major roadway projects model a complete street approach and address context-sensitive solutions that enhance the character of Coral Gables

  5. Work with the Miami-Dade County Transit to enhance and expand public transportation options, providing better alternatives to commuters that live in and that transit through our City
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