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The Clear Choice for Coral Gables

On Planning and Development

Good communities result from good vision and planning.  Coral Gables founder George Merrick demonstrated this in the original master plan that designated civic, residential, commercial, and recreational areas, including an urban core and neighborhoods of diverse styles.  The essence of what our city would become was first expressed in a good plan.  Almost a century later, we too have an opportunity to plan for the city we envision – A strong community with a home town feel.

As Commissioner, I pledge to

  • Maintain Coral Gables’ reputation as one of the country’s best planned communities

  • Support quality development aligned with our zoning code and master plans

  • Stand up against developments requesting variances that are not in line with the character of our neighborhoods

  • Improve the outreach to our residents when potentially controversial changes are anticipated, so that more points of view can be heard and considered to keep development projects aligned with the wishes of the neighborhoods

Thoughtful vision and planning leads to quality development of appropriate scale that introduces new public spaces, amenities, and art into our community, improving the quality of life of our residents.  I believe that future development in the city should follow our vision for the Gables - to ensure our quality of life.



​​​Elect Carmen Olazabal on April 9th, 2019 - Vote #45

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