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The Clear Choice for Coral Gables

On Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency

As citizens paying our hard-earned dollars to fund city services, we expect good value for our contributions.  We expect high-quality at competitive costs.  And we expect a well-managed, trustworthy, and transparent government always ensuring every tax dollar is well-spent.  As the only candidate with an MBA and with city management experience, I am ready on day one to represent our residents in support of

  • Regular reviews of budget line items to identify process, technology, and service-delivery improvements that reduce costs, eliminate waste, and improve customer experience

  • Increased resident outreach on budget matters, to ensure our city is listening to community priorities

  • Implementation of creative, interactive visuals delivering insights to residents so they can hold our government accountable

  • Improved procurement processes strengthening professional, apolitical staff recommendations

  • Stronger financial controls to minimize waste, fraud, and abuse

I believe that my unique background in engineering, business administration, and public service is in sharp contrast to the background of my opponents, and if elected I would add refreshing diversity to the commission.  I pledge to represent our residents and neighborhoods in an ethical, expert, and transparent way.  I will ask informed oversight questions, and will lead the city towards more effective use of our shared resources.

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​​​Elect Carmen Olazabal on April 9th, 2019 - Vote #45

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